A comfortable bariatric shower chair

With a bariatric shower chair there’s more than just practicality to keep in mind. Comfort and simplicity in controls and usage can sometimes be underestimated when it comes to good quality equipment for aged care and hospitals. The bariatric shower chairs from TR Equipment however offers that comfort and easy-to-understand controls as well as high quality, durability in materials that help bring it to a low cost of ownership. 

Throughout its history, TR Equipment have offered a plethora of patient hygiene equipment with a focus on, just like with their chairs, safety, simplicity, practicality and low cost of ownership.  The main purpose is to make it easier to transport patients and clean, shower, nurse and dress them without making things harder on the caretakerIt makes toilet visits and transferring patients from one room to another easier while still maintaining a high durability and controls that are easy to understand. 

The benefits of good bariatric shower chairs 

The main benefits of a good bariatric shower chair from TR Equipment is how it helps unload a lot of the strain and burdens that otherwise would be involved when helping a patient that is unable to move by him- or herself with showering or with toileting. It helps improve the comfort for the caretaker and patient both, leading to less stress and risk of injuries from heavy lifting. 

There’s plenty of reasons for a hospital or an aged care facility to get a bariatric shower chair and very few to not get one. Rather than “saving” money by not spending, why not spend to save money, through easing the burden on your caretakers and make It less likely for them to get injured or overwork which would otherwise force them to take time off work? ​​